Is Your Swimming Pool Heater Safe to Use?

As most homeowners know, a swimming pool heater is often neglected throughout the year. Most of the time, a swimming pool heater is only used to extend the swim season by a few months. This means that the heater is turned off and not running for most of the year. It is always a great idea to have the heater inspected by a professional prior to being turned on.

More often than not, animals will find their way into the heater searching for a warm dry place to call home. This will typically result in leaves and other debris being brought into the heater to create a nest. This debris can cause several problems within a heater, ranging from a simple issue of the heater not turning on to something as serious as a fire issue.

It is always best to have your heater serviced by a professional. It is recommended to have the heater serviced prior to an initial startup as well as prior to shutting the heater off at the end of the season. Contact your local ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company for all of your swimming pool service needs.