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2021 Tablet Shortage Salt System Offer


Last August, Hurricane Laura caused a major fire that damaged a chemical manufacturing plant in Louisiana that provided much of the Tri-Chlor tablet supply used in North America. Major shortages and price increases are expected this year in the pool industry. We’ve already notified our customers of expected surcharges on tablets necessary to cover the increased costs.

Consider a Salt-System for Safer Swimming and Eliminate Tri-Chlor Tablets

Many of our customers are making the switch to salt-system chlorine systems. These systems use dissolved salt in water to generate chlorine. The salt cell or generator uses electrolysis to break down salt (NaCl or sodium chloride) in the water. Saltwater systems have less chloramines which cause eye-irritation and pungent “chlorine” smell. They also eliminate the need for chlorine tablets that are 50% cyanuric acid and can lead to algae growth if not managed.

ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company of Coastal Virginia is offering $100 off salt-systems through April 1, 2021. Call us at (757) 856-6438 to reserve your system before expected manufacturer shortages occur due to high demand.