Why You Should Purchase a New Variable Speed Pump

Effective July 1, 2021, the Department of Energy now requires energy efficient pool pumps so most single speed pumps will no longer be for sale. It will be increasingly difficult to find replacement motors and parts if you have a single speed Hayward Super Pump or similar unit. New variable speed pumps (VSP’s) are incredibly efficient and will typically pay for themselves within a year of purchase. However, there are other benefits to installing a VSP.

The Benefits of a Variable Speed Pump for Your Pool

If you have a salt system, it is heating the generator and creating chlorine whenever the pump is running. Typically, you only need 10-12 hours of high speed (3,400 RPM) pump operation to generate sufficient salt to chlorinate your pool. Excess hours of operation will reduce the life of your salt cell, an expensive replacement item.

If you turn your pump off for part of the day, the heated salt cell is more likely to have calcium scale build-up once the pump is turned off. This will cause reduction in effectiveness of your salt system and more frequent salt cell cleanings.

VSP’s allow you to keep water moving up to 24hrs per day by utilizing the lower speeds available on the pump. You can set the pump to run for 10-12 hours at high speed and the remainder of the day at lower speeds. Moving water is always beneficial to maintaining a cleaner pool.

If you have a sand or D.E. filter, it will filter more effectively with a VSP when operating at lower speeds and for longer time.

The combination of a salt system and variable speed pump provide optimum chlorination and filtration. Please consider both if you don’t already have them for your pool.