The Best Pool Toys and Accessories for Summer Fun

Fun at the pool on a hot summer day

Maximize Your Pool Fun with Toys

Heading to the pool for a swim is fun, but much of the fun comes from what you bring to play with. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite pool toys for adults, kids, and even your four-legged family members to help you maximize your pool time fun.

What Are the Best Pool Toys?

The best pool toys provide entertainment or help you relax. Additional features you should look for are how easy the toys are to clean and store and if there are any potential safety risks. Toys that are safe for adults might not be suitable for children, especially those who aren’t experienced swimmers.

Cool Pool Toys for Adults

Most of your favorite backyard and barbeque staples have pool-time counterparts. You can keep the party going on land or in the water!

  • Pool Yoga Mats: Yoga is a great way to stay in shape and relax, combine that with your pool, and you have a winning combination! Inflatable yoga mats allow you to enjoy the pool while finding your center.
  • Memory Foam Pool Sofa: If yoga isn’t your thing, try a memory foam pool sofa. An alternative to an inflatable pool float, this sofa is ready to go, and no air pump is required.
  • Floating Cooler: Keep your temperature-sensitive snacks and beverages where the party is: in the pool! All you need is some help from a floating cooler.
  • Floating Cornhole: Cornhole is already a staple of summer gatherings; the fun doesn’t have to stop just because the party has moved from the lawn to the pool. Pick up an inflatable or floating cornhole set at your local sporting goods store.

The Best Pool Toys for Kids

The best pool toys for kids combine activity and unique play experiences. Here are our recommendations for a few toys that will keep your kids active and entertained:

  • Inflatable Basketball Hoop: Looking for a way to get everyone involved in a game? Use an inflatable basketball hoop! These toys are easy to put in and remove from your pool because they’re lightweight.
  • Swim Through Rings: These rings submerge but don’t sink, giving kids a fun obstacle course to swim through. You can use them to set up races or help your kids practice their swimming skills.
  • Underwater Glider: This toy can be thrown and chased underwater. Unlike other diving toys, gliders are designed to curve and can create unique chases every time.
  • Diving Rings: It’s hard to beat a classic. Diving rings are a great way to keep kids active in a pool, and you can throw them in different spots, creating endless diving options.

The Best Toddler Pool Toys and Accessories

Diving toys aren’t always safe for the younger members of your family due to swimming experience levels. Your toddlers can still partake in the pool time fun with these safe pool toys:

  • Wind-up Animals: Coming in species like turtles, dolphins, and other familiar water creatures, wind-up toys provide a fun way for your toddler to interact with the water.
  • Floating Pool Seats: Your toddler will most likely not be able to swim, especially in deeper water, but there are still ways to float in the pool with you safely. Consider floating pool seats, especially ones with SPF covers, to help your toddler dip their toes in the shallow end with added safety. Look for an SPF rating of 30 or higher. Also, look for floating seats to avoid tipping, as a flipped seat could hold your toddler underwater. Never let your child use a floatation device unsupervised, even if it is a no-tip.

The Best Dog Swimming Pool Toys and Accessories

Pool toys are also great for furry members of your family. Including your dogs in pool-time is as easy as finding suitable toys for them to play with.

  • Floating Rope Toys: Pool dog toys must meet two main requirements: durability and buoyancy. A floating rope toy has both. Most floating rope toys will also be large enough to avoid being sucked into your filters.
  • Floating Discs: Fetch in the pool can help make your four-legged friend’s day. Using discs that float help promote safe swimming by keeping your dog above water.
  • Dog Floats: Swimming might be difficult for small and older dogs. Most pool floats aren’t designed to be durable enough to put up with dog claws, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help your four-legged friend float in style.

Keep Your Family Safe with Regular Pool Inspections

Even with full supervision, small pool toys can get stuck in filters. Contact your local ASP—America’s Swimming Pool Company—for a free pool inspection. We’ll look at everything from the status of your filter to your chemical levels, providing a safer swimming environment for you and your family. Request a service online or call (866) 253-0455 to schedule your inspection today.