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Is My Swimming Pool Due For A Renovation?

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Is My Swimming Pool Due For A Renovation?

If you just purchased a house with a pool, are a first time pool owner or if you have owned a pool for longer than ten years, chances are you will be asking yourself this question: Is My Swimming Pool Due for a Renovation?

Pools that are older than ten years or were renovated ten or more years ago are considered due for a renovation. The normal cycle to renovate your pool is every 10 – 15 years.

Here are the main signs that you may need to consider contacting a pool renovation professional:

  • Interior surface is becoming coarse, rough and has a sand-paper feel.
  • Staining is more prevalent and increasingly difficult to treat.
  • Maintaining proper chemical balance is becoming more difficult as the plaster becomes more porous.
  • Black algae is starting to develop on the pool surface and keeps returning after treatment.
  • Hairline cracks are beginning to develop on the pool surface.

To ensure that you maximize the life of your pool interior, you will want to plan to consider a renovation of the pool every 10-15 years. If you would like an estimate, please contact us at (850) 604-4417.