Pool Renovation Ideas

Steps to enter into pool to show a remodel

When the time comes, your swimming pool may be out of style. Time and harsh elements can damage it. This decreases its value and aesthetic appeal. Good news, a pool renovation can enhance its appearance and functionality. Here are a few ideas that will bring your pool up to date.

The three most common updates are tile, plaster, and coping.


A wide variety of tiles in various colors, designs and materials are available. Choose from Porcelain & Glass Tiles. Add sophistication and style to your Swimming Pool. Shop a wide selection of pool tiles.

Tiles start at a 6x6” standard size. Size down to add drama. Porcelain equates simplicity. But whichever you choose, be sure to consider budget and personality. Glass tiles cost more and require more cleaning. Porcelain tile is the most common choice for swimming pools. Because of its density, porcelain tile is strong enough to stand up to being exposed to water and other outdoor elements. Ask a Professional Pool Company for options. Pool tile has been specially manufactured to stand up to sunlight, changing temperatures, an aquatic environment, and constant contact with the chemicals in swimming pool water. Regular household tile -- such as bathroom and kitchen tile -- isn't designed for outdoor use and may not offer the same durability.


There are many options for updated pool plaster. White plaster, while offering your cheapest option, doesn’t last as it did previously because of a different material that is now used in the base mixture. It is recommended that you upgrade when you plaster to a quartz or pebble-based mix to ensure that you have a long-lasting result. The color of the plaster will determine the look of the water. But don’t be fooled, the reflective quality of water will always add a blue hue to enhance the plaster. The most popular colored plaster pool finish is medium grey, which gives the pool's water an enticing blue tint. Darker plaster colors, like deeper shades of grey and black, add depth to the pool and enhance the water's reflective quality. A blue tint will create Caribbean blue waters in your pool. It is important to remember that if you do add a colored finish, it will fade with time. But, there are other additives that you may also want to add to give perspective and personality to your plaster. Sea glass, mica stone and others will add a reflective glint in the sunlight.


The stone that surrounds your pool is mostly functional to protect your pool shell but that doesn’t mean that you can choose something that you will be proud of. From manufactured and pre-cast options to natural stone, you will be sure to find something beautiful. Stone varies in cost depending upon the selection. It is always recommended that you seal the stone at the time of renovation and whenever the water no longer beads on it.

America’s Swimming Pool company of Dallas has a full showroom of options for your tile, plaster and coping. Make an appointment today.