Beware of Falling Leaves

leaves floating in swimming pool

Fall brings about many things that you can enjoy; cooler temperatures and changing foliage. However, for the pool owner, it also brings those pesky falling leaves, acorns and pecans. Many of these things upset the water balance in the swimming pool and can cause plaster staining.

Here are a few things you should know about falling leaves and your swimming pool that can minimize the wear and tear on your investment.

  • Water Level: When the water level is too low, and the skimmer is sucking air, this could cause damage to your pool equipment. Conversely, when the water level is too high, it can push the leaves and debris against the skimmer without trapping it by the weir. This will leave more debris to sink to the bottom of the pool for your pool cleaner and/or drains to have to accommodate. The ideal water level in a pool is to the middle of the waterline tile.
  • Skimmer Weir: Skimmer weirs are the plastic flap at the opening of the skimmer which controls the water flow into the skimmer and when the pump is off keeps debris from re-entering the pool after it has been pulled into the skimmer. Verify that the skimmer weir is in place, operating properly and without damage.
  • Pumps and Equipment: Check your equipment pad periodically to ensure that there is no bush, fallen debris or leaves gathering around your pumps as they need breathing room. Keep this pad clean and the area well-trimmed.
  • Skimmer Baskets: During this time of the year, it makes sense to empty the debris from skimmer baskets frequently preventing any damage to skimmers, weirs, pipes, pump and other pool equipment. Empty not only the pool skimmer baskets more frequently but also, the pump basket. Ensure that they are emptied before they get full. Even if you have a pool service provider, it will be necessary for you to empty skimmer baskets in between their visit if your pool environment has several trees, bushes and plant material nearby. Ensure that your skimmer basket doesn’t float. We recommend a weighted basket. If your basket isn’t weighted, a rock can be used. Make sure that it’s heavy enough to keep the basket seated properly. And, don’t accidentally throw it out when you are emptying the leaves.

Falling leaves and debris can be a hassle. To protect your pool investment, a little extra effort is required to ensure Fall debris doesn’t damage it. Other Fall pool care tips include a freeze guard check and heater tune up. Call us regarding Fall specials.