Pool Renovation Ideas: Some Affordable Pool Additions You can Consider

Renovated swimming pool

When the time comes, your swimming pool may be out of style. Time can wear it out while harsh elements can damage it. All these can decrease its value and aesthetic appeal. The good thing though is that you can always do a pool renovation in Dallas to enhance its appearance and functionality. There’s a wide range of pool renovation ideas you can play with.

Light it Up

Lights can boost the style of your pool. LED lighting, in particular, brings out a certain character with its range of colors and styles. They can be placed below the water or in any other areas around the pool, making the structure look like paradise.

Another good thing about LED lighting is its energy efficiency. While you may have to spend a little more on installation, you’ll get it back through energy savings you’ll get over time.

Enhance the Design

Pool resurfacing is a good way to enhance the aesthetics of your pool. It may not be that budget-friendly, but it’s a smart investment as it could enhance your pool’s value. Also, it removes and replaces materials that are already worn out. There’s a variety of aggregate finishes available on the market.

You can choose the color and material such as shells or stones to achieve a specific look and personality you want your pool to have. You can also enhance the design by updating the waterline tile. Doing this can provide a modern look to your pool, especially when you combine it with pool resurfacing and a deck addition.

Utilize Technology

There are automation systems you can use for convenience and a touch of modernity for your pool renovation. These gadgets can help you maintain your pool better and easier, eliminating the need to pay a pool guy. Among the automation systems you can use include automatic pool covers, robotic cleaners, and all-in-one pool systems. These are convenient and easy to use. In fact, some systems can be accessed using your smartphone.

These are only some renovation ideas you can use to improve your pool. Remember that whatever you plan to do, you need to hire a reliable company that provides excellent Dallas pool service. That way, you get the value for your money.

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